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Mammoth is a life symbol with both popular science value and far-reaching significance. Mammoths are ancient creatures that became extinct more than 4000 years ago. The living mammoth cells obtained from the permafrost in Siberia can be bred with the help of modern biotechnology, which is known as the "mammoth resurrection program." The work of this public welfare foundation, in addition to focusing on disease prevention in the short and medium term, will also focus on tracing the source of rare and endangered animals and plants, preventing poaching, respecting life and protecting nature in the future.When the brand is involved in the public welfare industry, I hope it will be warm and humble. If the main direction of the foundation is rational and technological, the brand should be more emotional. Because the main direction of the foundation is to build a joint teaching laboratory, in addition to creating a concise logo, it has also created a set of emoticons and dolls, from concept to physical hieroglyphics, which can make many future communication scenes warmer. 


猛犸是4000多年前已经灭绝的古生物。人类通过在西伯利亚的冻土层获得了的猛犸冷冻体 活细胞,借助现代生物技术,培育出猛犸象活体,这就是著名的“猛犸象复活计划”。

本公益基金会的工作,除了中短期聚焦疾病预防,未来还将致力于珍稀濒危动植物的溯源、 防止盗猎,尊重生命,守护自然。






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