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My hometown is a place with history and culture in Shouxian County, northern Anhui. When I was young, I often heard some stories, such as "the human heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant", "one person rises to an immortal, immortal and chicken and dog" Shouxian is also one of the few well-preserved ancient city wall sites, and it was once the capital of the State of Chu. It is the capital for four times in history, which is the hometown of Chu culture, the birthplace of Chinese tofu and the ancient battlefield of fat water. There are many people who are good at writing among their parents, and they feel that every family writes their own couplets. It's a pity that I didn't learn the true marrow. I made a poor imitation based on my memory and wrote down my feelings once in a while. Paper and ink is very quiet, can help you get rid of a little impetuous. Thank you for giving me a lot of advice.


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